Oct 29, 2010

The Friday Shirk Report – October 29, 2010 | Volume 81

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Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find 20 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

*For those that prefer the links open in a new tab/window, try holding the CTRL key whilst clicking a link with your mouse

20 IMAGES + 1 Bonus
- It’s like a helmet, only cheaper
- Four perfectly round circles
- Epic photobomb
- Why you bad park?
- Thankfully there’s a bridge
- At dawn we strike
- Deep thoughts with Philosoraptor (If you like the cut of Philosoraptor’s jib, I dedicated an entire post to him earlier this week)
- The other side of parkour
- Mario Brothers in real life… almost
- Tuckered out
- From that day forward he was Lord of the Carneys
- I got you homie
- Flying cars and you
- Then and Now
- Trebec. Level 5 troll
- A most unique tramp stamp
- Step 1. Drink Milk | Step 2. Spit it out while shaking head violently | Step 3. Take a picture
- Denied
- A satisfying fortune to be sure
- Gingerbread
- It’s the BatCatman

- Ever wonder why all pop songs sound eerily similar? Check out this man’s production discography
- Every death as reported in the Wikileaks Iraq War Logs Plotted on Google Maps
- Incredible Highlights from the Nikon International Small World Photomicrography Competition
- The current frontrunners for this year’s Darwin’s Awards
- The State of Jay-Z’s Empire. Interesting piece on the $450 million dollar man (thx for sharing Choptiany!)
- NASA on Global Climate Change
- Great collection of mind-bending illusions
- The Bleeding Tooth Mushroom
- Disturbing series of photos of the Ganges in India. Don’t bother with the ignorant commentary and text (*Warning* Graphic, not for the squeamish)
- No child has ever been killed by poisoned candy. Ever. ‘Stranger Danger’ and the Decline of Halloween




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