Jul 8, 2011

The Friday Shirk Report – Volume 117



Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find the 20 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

*For those that prefer the links open in a new tab/window, try holding the CTRL key whilst clicking a link with your mouse

Stay sifty my friends :)


- Domesticated Silverback Gorilla, amazing!
- How else you gonna move a big rock?
- Jay-Z and Diddy are NOT impressed
- How do I tennis?
- Cool guys don’t look at explosions
- The recent dust storm in Phoenix, as seen from the window seat of a plane
- Whoever did this is alright in my books
- A 35-year-old baby was born yesterday
- Further proof the Philly Phanatic is amazing
- Dad-1 Son-0
- When I use etc.
- Leaf blowers are not only useful but highly entertaining
- Hipster pie-eaters beware
- This label should be applied in every household
- This vintage condom ad is awesome AND effective
- Signed picture of Colbert
- What do you think of this beer’s tagline?
- Mr. Tea
- I could seriously watch this all day

- A collection of Basset Hounds running. that is all (thx for sharing Stu!)
- Did you know Judge Deborah Servitto delivered her ruling in the form of a rap in the case of Eminem vs Deangelo Bailey? ||||| Full transcript here, bottom of page 13 & 14
- 6 Mind-blowing achievements in propaganda
- The history of the fake ‘free public wifi’ you always see at airports
- The Graffiti of War
- Google’s Six-Front War
- Fantastic gallery of animal photography. Full-screen recommended!
- The Oninon on Stoning
- Awesome shots from the dust storm in Phoenix
- An incredible list of common misconceptions. Great article to bookmark

Thx for sharing Kariv!



Where did that second referee come from? ANSWER ME!!!









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