Mar 23, 2012

The Shirk Report – Volume 154



Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 20 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

*For those that prefer the links open in a new tab/window, try holding the CTRL key whilst clicking a link with your mouse

Stay sifty my friends :)



- Subtle
- The power slide
- Insta-tired
- The guys asked if I wanted to go lift weights
- Cell phone pics from a random Chinese gangster
- Sweet haircut
- Anyone know what tune he’s playing?
- Putting the size of the main gun on an A-10 warthog in persepctive
- These cufflinks are amazing
- Boom goes the dynamite
- Thievery
- Rare behind the scenes look on the set of Star Wars
- Doubtful
- Spotted in the mens bathroom of a college dorm…
- Knee-jerk reaction
- Police bait
- A sign worthy request
- This guy pulls off classy face tat
- Just a carpet anemone eating a fish
- Ohhh diss



- New York City’s Hidden Subway Station
- More awesome Google Earth findings
- A Challenge To Apple To “Think Different” About Spending Its $100 Billion Cash Stash
- The Slow Death of Prohibition in the U.S. (thx for sharing @Don_Burns!)
- 25 Hilarious Vintage Comic Book Covers
- Highlights from the Sony World Photography Awards 2012
- Why Twitter will get more annoying
- Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads
- Deadmau5 on collaborations, songwriting and the like
- 8,200+ Strong, Researchers Band Together To Force Science Journals To Open Access





Thanks for sharing Mr. Higgins!



Old but gold



Thx for sharing Mr. Lalonde!



Incredible footage



Pure stoner talk with great visuals. Thanks for sharing Mr. Albastov!









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