Apr 3, 2012

40 Music Stars Before They Were Famous

Sometimes it’s important to remember that every musician starts as an amateur. All of the mega music stars below may appear larger than life but many (not all) went through some awkward years, they took the same yearbook photos you have and at one point they weren’t the famous celebrities you see today. Here’s a look back at 40 music stars from various generations (and levels of talent) before they were famous. Enjoy!



1. Drake




2. Rihanna




3. Deadmau5




4. Katy Perry




5. Bruno Mars




6. The Beatles




7. Lady Gaga





8. Jay-Z





9. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)




10. Skrillex




11. Christina Aguilera




12. Snoop Dogg




13. Jennifer Lopez




14. James Hetfield (Metallica)




15. Shakira




16. Kanye West




17. Nicki Minaj




18. Coldplay




19. Mariah Carey




20. Eminem




21. Madonna




22. Justin Timberlake




23. Taylor Swift




24. Kings of Leon




25. Avril Lavigne




26. P Diddy




27. Adele




28. Jack Black




29. Marilyn Manson




30. Jessica Simpson




31. Kurt Cobain




32. Prince




33. Beyonce




34. Bruce Springsteen




35. 50 Cent




36. Lil Wayne




37. Gwen Stefani




38. Thom Yorke (Radiohead)




39. Bon Jovi




40. John Mayer






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