May 23, 2012

30 Actors Posing With Their Stunt Doubles


There are countless unsung heroes that bring your favourite television shows and movies to life. In this post, the Sifter salutes the brave stuntwomen and stuntmen who put their bodies in harm’s way to get those action shots and sequences that can make or break a scene.

They are professionals that do an amazing job which is why you hardly notice them. You believe it’s the actors because of great editing, matching wardrobe and a stunt double that looks similar (for the most part).

Last week there was a gallery posted to Reddit of about 15 images. That was enough to get me started and I was able to find another 15 photos of actors with their stunt doubles. Enjoy!



1. Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell





2. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Stunt Double





3. Charlize Theron and Stunt Double Alicia Vela-Bailey





4. Rupert Grint and Stunt Double Anthony Knight





5. Kate Beckinsale and Stuntwoman





6. Jennifer Lopez and Stunt Double (yes it’s a man)





7. Daniel Craig and Stunt Double





8. Carrie Fisher and Stunt Double





9. Tom Cruise and his Stunt One-ble… Ben Stiller






10. Angelina Jolie and Stunt Double





11. Brad Pitt and his Stunt Double





12. Natalie Portman and Stunt Double/Ballerina Sarah Lane





13. Rob Pattinson and his Stunt Double





14. Lynda Carter and Stuntwoman Jeannie Epper





15. Shia Labeouf and his Stunt Double





16. Alyson Hannigan and Stunt Doubles





17. Tom Hardy and Stunt Double





18. Cameron Diaz and Stuntwoman Kimberly Shannon Murphy





19. Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Coltrane and Stunt Doubles





20. Anna Paquin, Brit Morgan (True Blood) and Stunt Doubles





21. James Marsters and his Stunt Double





22. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Stunt Double





23. Michelle Morgan (Heartland) and Stunt Double Kateri Cowley





24. Regina King and Stunt Double





25. Harrison Ford and Stuntman Vic Armstrong





26. Kirsten Stewart’s Body Double Roberta Murga





27. January Jones and Stuntwoman





28. Uma Thurman and Stuntwoman Zoe Bell





29. Spaceballs Stunt Doubles Scene (joke from movie)





30. Jackie Chan






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