Nov 16, 2012

The Shirk Report – Volume 188



Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 25 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles typically originate from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from a variety of sources. Any suggestions? Send a note to!




- And the Mom comment of the day goes to…
- Boom! Bond’d
- This menu’s guide to steak is spot on
- Making your own fun at the Grand Canyon
- Way better than pillows
- Like a sir
- Evian babies? pfffft
- This is what you look like mid-sneeze
- Yahoo Answers delivers again
- Crowdsurfing is cool, but crowdsurfing on someone else is even cooler
- Blackberry Cures!
- One more! You can do it!
- How to sound like an Aussie
- Carey. Hawking. Gold
- That’s an interesting way of looking at it
- This Chinese ad for plastic surgery translates to: “The only worry is how to explain it to your children…”
- Mr. T measuring tape
- Wedding bouquet toss. The male version
- Billboard vandalism with five simple words
- Good job Internet | Too lazy to Google? Click here (thx for sharing Browne!)
- speed AND convenience. I must have one
- That moment when you find your ancestor in a museum
- Punny
- Simple pleasures
- They’re plotting something sinister, I just know it



- How a Robot Will Steal Your Job
- Sports Illustrated’s 100 All-Time Greatest Photos
- 15 Google Interview Questions That Made Geniuses Feel Dumb (solutions are posted in link at end of slideshow)
- I DJ’ed Barack Obama’s Election Night Party: A Chat with DJ Mel (thx for sharing @MikeChops!)
- 10 Astounding Events You Could Live To See
- How to Let Your Purpose Find You
- Why ESPN Is Worth $40 Billion As The World’s Most Valuable Media Property
- Why Pro Gamers Don’t Play Call of Duty
- Quotes about life: Celebrities share the best of what they’ve learned
- 8 Ordinary Photos Hiding Mind-Blowing Details


5 VIDEOS + 1 Bicycle












Thx for sharing @Chris_R_Wong!










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