September 6, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Picture of the Day: Mist-Tanbul

by twistedsifter




istanbul fog Picture of the Day: Mist Tanbul


In this beautiful capture by Jürgen Horn and Michael Powell @, we see mist on the Golden Horn of Istanbul. The Golden Horn is an inlet of the Bosphorus dividing the city of Istanbul and forming the natural harbor that has sheltered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and other ships for thousands of years.

In the distance we see the famous Yeni Cami, aka the New Mosque or Mosque of the Valide Sultan. It is situated at the southern end of the Galata Bridge and is one of the best known sights in Instanbul. Construction began in 1597 and the mosque was completed in 1665.

The photo was submitted by Jürgen Horn and Michael Powell, two travelers from Germany and the United States who have been spending 91 days in different cities around the world. They have documented their extensive travels in a detailed photoblog So far their journey has taken them to Iceland, Istanbul, Idaho, Busan, Sri Lanka, Palermo, Bolivia, Buenos Aires, Savannah and Oviedo. They have also released a series of eBooks for each leg of their journey.



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