Jun 7, 2012

The Private Suites on Singapore Airlines



Have you ever flown First Class and thought, “this is swell but I wish there was something better”? Well if you happen to be flying on Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft you’re in luck! The Singapore Airlines Suites are more than seats, they are individual cabins with sliding doors, window blinds and complete privacy.

The cabin spaces are fully configurable and can easily transform from a 35-inch wide fully reclining Italian leather seat; to a two-person table/desk; and of course into a full out bed.

There’s also a 23-inch LCD television and all of the services and amenities you would expect from a top-tier airline’s premier offering. I checked a few random flights to get a sense of cost. A round trip from Singapore to New York City will run you about $15,750 per person. Check out the gallery below along with a video tour of these amazing suites in the sky.

























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