October 15, 2022 at 12:20 pm

This Webcam Footage Shows Just How Devastating Hurricane Ian’s Storm Surge Really Was

by Trisha Leigh

Though almost everyone knows that hurricanes are extremely destructive, it can be tough to imagine what it’s like to experience one firsthand unless you’ve been unfortunate enough to actually see it.

That said, modern technology like webcam footage can go a long way toward making the rest of us feel as if we’re actually there.

Storm surges are mainly caused by high winds pushing water toward the coast while low pressure within the storm pulls the water up at the same time. This created abnormally high water levels in Florida ahead of Hurricane Ian, and caused massive damage to people, sea defenses, and property.

This timelapse footage captured by Wood TV reporter Brennan Prill shows a bit of the devastation in Fort Meyers.

And this live camera, which shows us how quickly things can change and one reason the storm surge is so dangerous.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis called it a “500-year flood event” as he gave a press conference on the rising water levels and ensuing devastation.

“The impacts of this storm are historic and the damage that was done has been historic and this is just off initial assessments. There’s going to be a lot more assessing that goes on in the days ahead. But I think we’ve never seen a flood event like this. We’ve never seen storm surge of this magnitude and it hit an area where there’s a lot of people in a lot of those low-lying areas and it’s going to end up doing extensive damage to a lot of people’s homes.”

The White House issued a statement on the situation as well, noting how bad things are for people on the ground.

“The President spoke this morning with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida to discuss the steps the Biden-Harris administration is taking to support Florida in response to Hurricane Ian, including the issuance of a Disaster Declaration this morning. The President told the Governor he is sending his FEMA Administrator to Florida tomorrow to check in on response efforts and see where additional support is needed. The President and Governor committed to continued close coordination.”

I hope help was underway soon enough, because those videos verify that the storm surge was as bad – or worse – than predicted.

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