August 25, 2022 at 11:50 pm

These Weird X-Ray Images Are Both Creepy And Beautiful

by Matthew Gilligan

You’ve probably seen an x-ray or two in your life, but it’s doubtful that you’ve ever seen ones like this…

And these photos will either creep you out or interest you…or maybe both.

Check out the weird x-ray images below.

1. That is crazy!

You can’t unsee that.

X-ray of a pregnant dog from oddlyterrifying

2. Looks like a monster.

Which is kind of true, I guess…

An x-ray of a child’s hand. from interestingasfuck

3. About to be a mom!

Getting close!

A cool X-ray we took from a Frenchie in labour. from VetTech

4. Be careful with those things.

A whole lotta shakin’ goin on!

MRI of what happens when you rub your eyes from oddlyterrifying

5. Poor Pugs.

They sure don’t have it easy.

X-ray of a pugs skull from interestingasfuck

6. Hopefully, you won’t run into him in real life.

Scary stuff!

An X-ray of a healthy but fat snake for some feed relief from VetTech

7. So that’s what they look like…

The more you know…

Head X-ray of my chinchilla from mildlyinteresting

8. That looks painful.

There’s no way 99% of people could do this.

X-Ray of a Gymnast Doing a Full Scorpion from Damnthatsinteresting

9. Spinal fusion.

From the side.

Side View of a Full Spinal Fusion from XRayPorn

10. Beware of these creatures!

They can be vicious!

What a hammerhead shark looks like under an x-ray from interestingasfuck

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