February 21, 2024 at 9:48 pm

Entitled Customer Has Meltdown And Eats Her Meal Parked In The Drive-Thru. – ‘This one is actually insane.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Entitled children the size of grown adults seem to be a really common occurrence these days.

Especially when you get to hear about these ludicrous stories on the internet.

Can you imagine working in a drive thru?

You probably see some of the worst behavior out there, save maybe people who work retail.

One woman on TikTok had one of the juiciest stories about a stubborn toddler – I mean adult – that we’ve heard yet.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

“Ummmm….hot sauce”, the customer states out of the blue.

A request that was not placed when the order was.

“I don’t want the packets, I want you to put it on for me”, this absolute child demands.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

This brat continues her mini-meltdown saying, “Ok well I can’t put on the hot sauce and drive a car.”

How would you even keep your cool at this moment?

The customer proceeded to park her car in the drive-thru line and finish her wrap.


Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Check out her funny breakdown here:


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Folks in the comments were having a field day with this one.

As stated up top, this seems to be a standard ol day working in fast food drive-thru.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

While another commenter suggested having a tow company on freakin’ speed dial!

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

While one person noticed the cable + cigarette charger dongle used as a headset.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Entitlement Syndrome in full effect.


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