May 30, 2024 at 2:33 pm

She’s Fine With Her Teenage Stepson And His Girlfriend Sharing A Hotel Room On Vacation, But Other Family Members Think It’s A Bad Idea

by Matthew Gilligan

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I don’t want to sway anyone’s opinion about this, but I think this is pretty weird.

Maybe I feel that way because there’s no way my parents would’ve gone for something like this when I was 18.

But back to the story: is this woman doing anything wrong?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for inviting my son’s girlfriend to our family vacation and giving them their own room?

“He is technically my stepson, only clarifying because the ages look a bit funny.

So my 35F son 18M recently started dating his childhood best friend Beatrice 18F.

These kids have been friends since pre K and have the most wholesome relationship with each other.

He’s had a crush on her for years and was too much of a chicken to ask her out until recently.

It all seems to be going swimmingly…

We go on a yearly summer vacation and Beatrice usually does come with us. She’s a joy to have and our other kids love her too.

This year, my in laws are coming too. They’re usually great people, but they are pretty strict with my son.

This is because my husband was a wild child and ended up having my son at 21.

They’re pushing their preconceptions on my son who couldn’t be further from a wild child.

My husband used to sneak out for parties, my son has a handmade model of the solar system in his bedroom. They couldn’t be more different if they tried.

We were sorting out our hotel bookings and I mentioned that we were giving my son and Beatrice their own bedroom at the hotel.

Uh oh…

MIL said we shouldn’t because they weren’t married and they’re teens and I said that didn’t matter because they’re both responsible and the alternative is sticking them with the kids which will make them miserable.

Her parents have said it’s okay for them to share a room too.

MIL said she couldn’t ‘allow’ this to happen and we got into an argument. She is now threatening not to come on holiday with us.

I’ve gathered some opinions on the matter.

My parents think that I shouldn’t let them have the same room because they’re teens, my brother thinks the same, my husband’s brother thinks it’s no big deal.

Now what?

MIL is demanding that they have separate rooms otherwise they won’t be coming.

I don’t want the kids to miss out on their grandparents being there but I think they’re being ridiculous.


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One person said she’s NTA.

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Another individual made a good point…

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This person spoke up.

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Another Reddit user said her MIL doesn’t have anything to do with this.

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There are some mitigating circumstances here.

But it’s ultimately her decision.

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