Apr 2, 2014

This DIY Sauna Raft is All Kinds of Awesome


A group of friends in Joensuu, Finland built this awesome sauna raft back in 2012. In Finnish it’s known as a Saunalautta and you can find several other DIY builds online. This particular homemade raft features multiple hammocks, multi-level decks, a tower and of course a fully functional sauna! Pictures on their Facebook page show them lounging on the raft with friends, using the second level deck as a diving platform and even grilling food on a portable bbq.

If you’re interested in renting this specific sauna raft, head over to their Facebook page for more information (you will also find pictures of the build process). You can also call (+35 845 891 8925) or email them with any questions.

Photographs by Jyri Heikkinen



diy sauna raft (5)



diy sauna raft (3)



diy sauna raft (7)



diy sauna raft (1)



diy sauna raft (2)



diy sauna raft (6)



diy sauna raft (4)




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