May 6, 2011

The Friday Shirk Report – Volume 108



Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find the 20 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

*For those that prefer the links open in a new tab/window, try holding the CTRL key whilst clicking a link with your mouse

Stay sifty my friends 🙂


A ten year reign comes to an end
100% tangy!
Here here!
If they sold this Chinese brand of toilet paper I would buy every single last roll
Stop hitting yourself
OBL strikes one last time
Cinco de Fail
If a friend ever asks you to babysit, take a similar picture. It will bring great joy to everyone
This guy. With this shirt. Is unstoppable
Data wiping a CD like a BOSS
Emma gets to the point
This ‘man cave’ is legit
The Presidential ‘Package’. It’s not what you think I swear
It’s… It’s… some kind of super-meta-photobomb!
Taking balloon art to the next level
Stayyyyyy…. Wait…….. Go get em’!
Teamwork. They have none
Should buy these for somene as a gag gift
Remember the guy in the wheelchair from Malcolm in the Middle?
Awesome photo essay on ‘War Dogs’ by FP
Addiction in Afghanistan: The Lost Souls of Kabul
National Geographic takes a brief look back at a decade of their ‘Photo of the Day’
6 Myths About Famous Places You Believe (Thanks to Movies)
Animals in the News [In Focus]
Photo Essay on Free Climber Dan Potter
The Economist’s Obituary on Osama Bin Laden
The Unique Trams of Hong Kong
48 Historical and Sacred Sites Around the World
Level 10 Political Trolling. Someone buys the .org domain of a candidate and proceeds to pwn them (Di Di Mau button FTW)









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