Feb 11, 2012

Picture of the Day: Freediving an Airplane Wreck




freediving an airplane wreck Picture of the Day: Freediving an Airplane Wreck

Photograph by FREDERIC BUYLE


The stunning photograph above is from the book One Breath, A Reflection on Freediving. Written by Emma Farrell and photographed by Frederic Buyle, One Breath is an 112-page book with 84 full colour photographs that takes the reader into the world of freediving (i.e., no use of scuba gear or external breathing devices).

A world champion freediver and teacher for many years, and now a photographer who has been published across the globe, Frederic Buyle is unique in his vision and approach. His philosophy is to only take pictures whilst freediving himself, using just the natural light available to him, and to never change the image or direct his subject.

On a single breath Fred will disappear under the ice of the North Pole or fifty-five metres beneath the waves to capture images that reveal to us the beauty of the underwater world through the eye of an artist.