Oct 1, 2013

Picture of the Day: House on Fire Ruin, Mule Canyon




house on fire ruin mule canyon utah Picture of the Day: House on Fire Ruin, Mule Canyon

Photograph by John Fowler | lumenetic.com


In this fantastic capture by John Fowler, we see the famous House on Fire Ruin in Mule Canyon, Utah.

Located in the ‘South Fork’ of Mule Canyon, House on Fire is about a 3 mile (4.8km) round trip to reach. At certain times of the day (apparently late morning is best), when the sun hits the ruins just right, it lights up the rock above, making it look like flames. While House on Fire is the first and most spectacular ruin, you can find more as you continue to hike into the canyon.

The ruins are the remains of buildings constructed by the Ancient Pueblo peoples, an ancient Native American culture centered on the present-day Four Corners area of the United States. The Four Corners area comprises southern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado. The Ancient Pueblo peoples lived in a range of structures, including pit houses, pueblos, and cliff dwellings. [Source]

According to Utah’s Canyon Country Blog, a hiking permit is required and costs roughly $2/person as of April 2012. The trailhead for House on Fire is located on Co. Rd 263 near mile marker 102.



picture of the day button Picture of the Day: House on Fire Ruin, Mule Canyon