October 16, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Picture of the Day: A Bowl of Rain

by twistedsifter





Photograph by Eurico Zimbres


In this brilliantly timed photograph by Eurico Zimbres, we see a perfectly aligned rain cloud seeming to fill the large bowl at the National Congress of Brazil building in Brasilia. The National Congress of Brazil is the legislative body of Brazil’s federal government.

As with most of the city’s government buildings, the National Congress building was designed by world-renowned Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer in the modern Brazilian style. The semi-sphere on the left is the seat of the Senate, and the semi-sphere on the right is the seat of the Chamber of the Deputies. Between them are two vertical office towers. [Source]

The building is located in the middle of the Monumental Axis, main street of Brasília. In front of it there is a large lawn where demonstrations take place. On December 6, 2007, the Institute of Historic and Artistic National Heritage declared the building of the National Congress a historical heritage of the Brazilian people. The building is also among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as part of Brasilia’s original urban buildings, since 1987. [Source]



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