Dec 22, 2014

Picture of the Day: Wind Blown

hard rime ice on a fence Picture of the Day: Wind Blown

Photograph by NICK MATTLOCK


Seen here is wind-blown rime ice found on a stretch of square wire fence running up the side of the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, UK. According to the BBC, a spokesman said:

“There has to be a strong wind, temperatures have to be between plus one Celsius and minus one Celsius and there has to be plenty of moisture. This can either be from water vapour in the air, from snowfall or from freezing rain. The wind blows the moisture over the object, in this case the fence, and it freezes, building up a thick layer of ice on the windward side. This means that the wind was actually blowing from the right to the left of the photo.” [source]


The photo was taken by local photographer Nick Mattlock who rents out the ‘Puffin Cottage‘ in Alnmouth beach and also owns the Puffin Stores & Post Office.



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