Nov 30, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson Unveils Amazon’s Latest Delivery Drone

new amazon delivery drone jeremy clarkson (2)


Amazon unveiled their latest delivery drone yesterday with help from former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson. Amazon Prime Air wants to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using drones.

The embedded video below shows actual flight footage from their latest unmanned aerial vehicle. The drones are designed to deliver packages that weigh up to 5 pounds (2.27 kg). The drones themselves weigh just under 55 lbs and are designed to fly under 400 ft in the air. While the technology is ‘there’, the major hold back will come from safety and regulatory approval from governments.

Prime Air is currently being developed in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel. You can learn more about Prime Air at their official website.



new amazon delivery drone jeremy clarkson (1)