Sep 30, 2016

The Shirk Report – Volume 389

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to



“Hold on one sec”
Will you crush his dreams?
Don’t even think about it Brandi
The most savage crossover of all time (confirmed she’s okay)
It’s Fall now, and that means one thing
Get it Cookie
I’m okay with this
Bootleggers staying relevant
Live, laugh, love
Kid got boxed out
Who did this?
Who did this?
5-man upppercut
If you’re gonna eat at the table you need to give thanks
How I get into bed
Until next week



SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars in six years
There Are No Truffles in Truffle Oil
10 Bars at the End of the World
Around the World in Pancakes
What Fuels the Backlash on Trade
United Nations declares antibiotic resistance “the greatest and most urgent global risk”
What 2000 Calories Looks Like
China begins operating world’s largest radio telescope
US Presidents can have everything – except car keys
Practice doesn’t make perfect


5 VIDEOS + Massachusetts















live laugh love 3 The Shirk Report – Volume 389