Oct 3, 2022

Viral Twitter Thread Shows How Billionaires Really Got Their Start

We hear a lot of rags to riches stories in America and we’re supposed to look at people who are self-made and use them as examples for inspiration in our own lives.

But a man named Aidan Smith took to Twitter to try to dispel the myths about how some billionaires really got started in their respective businesses.

Smith started by laying out the truth about how Jeff Bezos started Amazon and he called the accepted version of events “cute propaganda.”

And he went on to talk about how Bill Gates and how he wasn’t really just a “normal guy who dropped out of college.”

Smith admits that Gates is a talented person but the wealth and connections of his parents are what really helped him get his big break.

And then Smith moved on to billionaire Warren Buffet and the exaggerations about his background.

One person who read Smith’s Twitter thread added this observation.

And Smith continued on his topic and talked about the elite school that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went to.

And then he talked about how developer David Newman was privileged enough to have a private tutor in computer science before he attended college and talked about how Newman and Zuckerberg likely wouldn’t have had certain opportunities if they were from working-class families.

He added that there is “no fair playing field.”

And then he set his sights on Kylie Jenner.

Here’s what other people had to say on Twitter.

This person said entrepreneurship is all about family money and connections.

And this reader had a good point…

Another person said that the money needed to start these kinds of businesses is unavailable to 99% of the population.

And another Twitter user shared a quote from the great George Carlin that just about sums it up.

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