May 18, 2023

What Important Information Do You Think People Need to Know? Here’s What Folks Said.

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“The most important piece of information you can. give to 911 is WHERE you are. Followed by what the problem is.

Even if no other information is given, someone can still be sent to a location to see what the problem is.

Bonus. If you accidentally call 911, just stay on the line and tell them it was an accident. It happens a lot. They wont be mad. If you hang up. They have to call you back, that is irritating.”

Be safe.

“Don’t drive if you haven’t slept in the last 24 hours.

A person who has been awake for 24 hours is as cognitively impaired as a person who is d**nk.”

Take cover.

“If you’re outside during a storm and get a metallic taste in your mouth for no seemingly no reason then you’re about to get struck by lightning.”


“You’re allowed to go to restaurants on your own! No one is going to think it’s strange, and the staff might treat you extra-well.

I always suspected they thought I was a critic… So if there is some place you want to try but no one willing to go with you, don’t deprive yourself!”

Look into it.

“Some credit cards cover accidental damage to electronics for a predefined period of time.

Use those cards for buying computers and electronics.”

Reading is life!


It can help you regain your ability to focus on a single task for an extended period of time.

It can also cultivate creativity and expand your worldview.”

Take care of your eyes.

“If you get a burst of floaters in your eye and see a curtain-like vision cut moving in from the side, top, or bottom, you may have a detached retina and have to get to an eye doctor asap, as you could lose vision in the affected area.

This is a highly charistic pattern of vision loss that is caused by the retina peeling away from the back of your eye. It’s a medical emergency but it is highly treatable.

If you have a high correction for myopia you are at increased risk for it. Tends to happen in middle age or later as a consequence of a vitreous separation. I had it happen in both my eyes while in my middle 50s.”

Crucial info.

“Police in America are legally allowed to lie to you to get a confession.

They can lie about all kinds of evidence they have on you and that you have no chance but to confess. Don’t say a word other than to ask for a lawyer. Never fall into the belief that it’ll get worked out in court later, the second you confess you’re done.

Even if you are guilty and want to confess still get a lawyer. They’ll work out a plea bargain for you that you could not get if you confessed to a cop before your trial.”

Gotta have good pizza.

“Add all the water at the beginning when making pizza dough.

Once you have a ball of dough, if you add water it’s not going to incorporate well and you’ll have to work you dough twice as hard to make it soft enough.”

Survival skill.

“If you fall into cold water (the ocean) don’t immediately try and swim. Lay on your back and try and control your breathing.

The cold temperature will take your breath away and you will initially take small quick breaths, you need to slow down your breathing as quickly as possible so your lungs can fill with air, once you have done that you will find it easier to float.”

No joke.

“Always wear closed toe shoes and long pants in and near wooded areas.

Check yourself for ticks on your clothing, or on your dog. Lyme disease is no joke.”


“Learning how to get along with people you don’t exactly like in the workplace will do wonders for your career.

Sometimes it isn’t about having talent it’s enough to be a good decent person to others.

Coming from me- a talentless corporate hire. Aka the personality hire, hahahah!”

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