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Creepy Internet Posts People Say You Should Definitely Avoid

by Trisha Leigh

Every once in awhile people on Reddit start talking about the creepiest or scariest places they’ve accidentally stumbled on while surfing the internet, and you can never be sure if it’s going to be hauntings or graphic gore.

In these cases, it’s a little of both, so be warned before you go clicking on any links.

No way to unsee it.

I remember some a*hole posted a picture on Twitter of the youngest victim of the 2017 Stockholm terror attack right after the attack had happened. Twitter was quick to delete the post but the picture showed this 11-year old girl torn in half and I will never get that image out of my mind.

I was disgusted both by the picture and the fact that someone used this innocent victim of a terror attack for clout.

He’s ok now.

A video called “dreamer heaven”. It looked like it was filmed on a really shitty digital camera in the corner of a dark room. There was a very frightened young shirtless boy in the opposite corner with 2 men shining flashlights on him. The kid is screaming and crying while the men say things like “you got a nice body on you. Wanna take a shower?”

Every time the men moved a bit closer the kid would scream and try to retreat further into the corner, then the clip just ends. Most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

Someone managed to find the origins. It was some dumb kid who basically tormented his younger brother along with his friends and posted videos of it online to promote his shitty mixtape.

Allegedly, the rest of the video they force him to stand under the hot shower for a period of time. It’s still f**ked up but he’s okay now.

Not fun.

It’s not nearly as bad as some of the things I have read on here but I saw a YouTuber doing a vlog near where I lived and I joined and saw myself being directly recorded from a direction I didn’t identify for a solid few minutes until I realized that the camera was looking directly through my window and at me not horrible but not fun to find out that there is a camera you had absolutely no idea about was recording you

Bad and worse.

I was watching a Wendigoon compilation about weird internet images and videos and there was this one picture of a young girl and an even younger kid lying tied and gagged in the back of a van.

Somehow it got to me really bad even though a lot of things in that compilation was way way worse.

A cautionary tale.

There was a video on a popular sub not too long ago with two young girls, cousins I think, recording themselves playing with a gun in the bathroom. The gun went off into one girls head, then from what I remember (I may be wrong), the other shoots herself in the head seconds late upon realizing what just happened.

The rest of the video is the family freaking out from hearing the gun shots, trying to get into the bathroom, and then reacting to the two of them dead on the floor. Absolutely tragic and completely avoidable

Not without chills.

This is a totally minor league (pee wee? Less than pee wee?) compared to other answers but…

I was looking up hypnosis videos one day. I was super interested so I found one and completely committed. Staring into the void, music blasting, trying to get hypnotized. Then BOOM exorcist face screaming at me. I know this is a thing but it was a long time ago before these videos took off.

It changed me. It was essentially the video game trick but with a hypnosis disguise. I think it was extra terrifying because I essentially let all guard down to be hypnotized.

I jumped up and ran outside of my house. I was shook for a while.

To this day I can’t see that face without chills. This was 20 years ago…

Again, not death related, but hands down one of the scariest things Ive ever experienced.

The 90s were weird.

This strange video where a clown is standing in a room and then the sound gets so weird. It vibrates and I think it just repeats a name, it was so strange. I was both laughing and terrified.

So weird. It looked like it was filmed in the 90’s.

It’s funny until someone doesn’t make it.

People who think they know how to handle firearms but shouldn’t be in the same city as a gun. Guy shoots a steel plate 100 yds away with a Barrett .50BMG. You hear him hit (nicked) by the ricochet before you hear the steel get hit.

Women firing a Desert Eagle .50 AE and getting smacked in the face by the recoil. They all look funny but that’s because nobody dies.

The couple who tried to make a video using a telephone book to stop a bullet after seeing others do it. “Others” used .22LR. They used .44 Mag.

She took two years for involuntary manslaughter.


I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s scary but it was shocking. In 2019 I was watching YouTube and clicked on this video that said “man in truck hits 2 kids in crosswalk. 1 dead the other is in a coma”

I clicked on it only because my cousins go to the school and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t them. They didn’t provide the names of the students but they did show a picture of the man who drove Into them.

The man was my Cousin.. 54 years old, off his medications, slammed his 2500lbs truck into 2 children.

He got arrested and was sentenced to 1 f**king day. He still has the truck and the kid who died lived 4 houses down from them. I remember keeping it hidden and then my family found out about it from other family.

Not a fake.

I have a vivid memory of finding a live stream website streaming hidden cameras in public toilets when I was probably 10 or 11. I was morbidly curious and watched a few thinking it was fake but realized that it was, in fact, not.

I was so young that I didn’t know what emotion to feel. It was posted in a sexual manner and yet it was so so disgusting to see people casually in a private situation like that.

Ever since then I’ve been horrified of cameras in public toilets or the bowl of porta potties. The internet is a very weird and terrifying place.

He’d had enough meat.

There’s a 2 hour long interview with Armin Meiwes, “The Cannibal of Rothenburg” on Youtube, but it’s only in german and the translator doesn’t work well. But when you can speak german, it’s both very interesting and very bizarre, Meiwes speaks about his entire life: How he grew up, what he did for work and all the regular things, before he starts with talking about the cannibalism.

He goes through the protocol how he met Bernd Brandes, a guy that wanted to be killed and eaten. I’m not joking now, that guy wasn’t a “victim” in the way that he was kidnapped and killed against his own will, no, he searched in the web for a cannibal that would eat him.

After some time, there comes the point where you realize that Brandes was even worse than Meiwes. Like Brandes tried to eat his dick, after Meiwes cut it off. He joked like “When i’m still alive tomorrow, we will eat my balls for breakfast” and such things.

Meiwes is still in prison and is now a vegetarian. Guess he had enough meat. And the main question “Which taste has human meat?” is answered by Meiwes as “It is just like pork, you don’t notice any difference to animal meat”.

The scariest part.

Can’t believe no one has mentioned Ronnie McNutt

Dude was severely depressed and suffering from PTSD after being deployed to the Middle East

One day, he was doing a livestream on Facebook, business as usual, but he was visibly drunk, and calling people left and right.

Police were at his door because one of his friends immediately noticed something was wrong and called them over to help Ronald.

While arguing with his Girlfriend who had just broke up with him, he then put down the phone, picked up a single-shot rifle that he previously misfired earlier in the stream, put it under his chin, and painted the room red. Imagine his face looking that of Demogorgon. It was split in places, and after he shot, he slumped over and the only thing heard was the sound of blood pouring out of his head.

The police, not wanting to be potentially shot at, only then broke into the house, hearing the pouring of his blood, and his phone ringing, presumably his Mom/Friend, which McNutt had ignored for the second before taking his life.

The scary part was not the fact that he killed himself, but the fact that he had ZERO hesitation.

Just imagining it.

The story about the Nutty Putty incident. It’s really popular, I know, and there wasn’t any video, but just imagining it gives me the chills.

A guy he knew.

When I was a kid, I made a bunch of goofy ass youtube videos with my friends. I came across a random guys youtube channel who also made goofy/corny videos and was slightly more successful than me (which wasn’t much, I had like 40 subscribers lol) I guess when I was wee lad I wanted to be a famous YouTuber.

Anyways, I emailed this guy who had a few thousand subscribers and asked him how to get bigger on YouTube. He was a few years older than me, maybe a freshman in high school at the time (I was in middle school at the time). Anyway, I start going back and forth with this guy every once in a while talking about YouTube stuff.

After a little while he probably got annoyed of me asking for advice or whatever and he stopped responding. A few years go by and I forgot about it, but for nostalgic purposes I would occasionally go back and revisit his (honestly cringe and shitty) channel. At a certain point I noticed he had been inactive for a few years and I occasionally wondered what the guy might be up to.

Alright so what’s creepy about this? Well, fast forward a few more years, (probably like two years ago now) I’m being lazy one night just scrolling through YouTube and I see a video from a more famous YouTuber who covers true crime and creepy s*%t.

It has the cringe guys face in the thumbnail. The video was titled something to the affect of: “YouTuber loses his mind, kills coworkers in mass shooting.” I talked to this dude on social media as a kid. Turned out he had killed several coworkers and himself with a shotgun. Gave me chills.

Thank goodness for good parents.

Back when I was 12 to 14, the internet was still not crazy everywhere and RuneScape was new. I could only play it at the public library. I would sell my runes because I needed every. Single. Cape. And would rather buy them than hunt them down. One of my buyers started chatting a lot and he was funny. We would mine runes together for hours and chat about me. I learned internet lingo from him like a/s/L. He asked if he could send me cool Gameboy games so I have him my address. He asked if I needed money so he send me a few bucks at a time and I thought it was really cool that he had folded them into the shape of hearts. We talked everyday after school 5 days a week since I didn’t have access to the library on weekends. He asked me after a few months if he could hang out with me and I said that would be fun.

My parents saw me buying stuff and asked where I was getting all the.money and I told them about my cool new friend and I kept getting upset when they said no more RuneScape but I still got to go to the library because they liked that I would be in a public space while they were still at work when school let out. They told my best friends mom about my Internet friend because she worked at my school and she noticed I figured out how to play RuneScape on lunch break on the computer in homeroom.

I noticed about a week after my Internet friend didn’t show up for our mining session that my money letters had stopped too. Then one day a few years later I found out my parents were helping another pair of parents with their kid who met a stranger online and that they had experience catching 42 year olds from Florida trying to hang out with middle schoolers. I was pretty upset they took away my heart money. I really wanted the new fire emblem

Do yourselves a favor and don’t go looking for more.

I can promise you I’m not going to.

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