February 23, 2024 at 3:29 pm

What Are The Mysterious “Pyramids” Discovered In Antarctica?

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Google Maps

Just when it seems like there’s nothing new under the sun, the earth goes and shows us something fresh to our eyes.

Nevermind that it’s probably due to the changes being wrought by climate all over the globe – we want to know what’s up with these mysterious pyramids discovered in Antarctica.

Or at least, that’s what conspiracy theories see when they pop on Google Earth.

Geologists see a mountain that was discovered by the British Antarctic Expedition back in 1910-1913. A mountain that they kept secret by calling it “The Pyramid” in all of their geological surveys.

When a certain set of people read these surveys they believed they had discovered the “truth” of a hidden pyramid – and now, decades later, believe they’ve “discovered” a second pyramid (mountain) that can be found at these coordinates: 79°58’39.25?S 81°57’32.21?W.

Dr. Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, says that the structure is easily identifiable as a mountain.

“The pyramid-shaped structures are located in the Ellsworth Mountains, which is a range more than 4oo km long, so it’s no surprise there are rocky peaks cropping out above the ice. The peaks are clearly composed of rock, and it’s a coincidence that this particular peak has that shape.”

Source: Google Maps

He – and other geologists – think this is nothing more than a fairly obvious coincidence.

“It’s not a complicated shape, so it’s not a special coincidence either. By definition, it is a nunatak, which is simply a peak of rock sticking out above a glacier or an ice sheet. This one has the shape of a pyramid, but that doesn’t make it a human construction.”

In fact, pyramid-shaped peaks are extremely common all over the world.

Source: Google Maps

And listen. Although the South Pole is rich in natural diversity and scientific opportunities, there’s no other real reason anyone would want to operate a secret base there.

But people have their theories… and those are fun.

So, there’s that.

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