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Woman Stole From Her Roommates, So They Got Revenge After They Found Her Lost Wallet

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@emkal

Ugh…having a bad roommate is THE WORST.

And if you’ve been there before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Are you ready for a good revenge story?

Check this one out and see what you think!

Roommate stole from me, so her wallet “vanished.”

“Back in college, I had better credit than my three other roommates so I put our internet/TV under my name otherwise the deposit would have been $600.

Where’d it go…?

The cable company offered me a $300 Visa gift card upon signup. Two months later, I called them because the gift card never arrived.

They tell me they sent it a few weeks ago and eventually I’m able to find out from Visa that someone used it at the Whataburger, Target and liquor store near my house.

I’m ****** off because obviously one of my roommates has used it, but I didn’t know which one.

It wasn’t over yet…

A few weeks later, roommate #2 complains that their $200 birthday gift card to Target has gone missing. His mom still had the receipt, and the store was able to tell her that someone used it at the Target near our house. He’s obviously ****** off too, but we’ve now realized it’s probably one of the other two roommates.

Couple weeks after that, roommate #3’s wallet disappears. We turned the house upside down looking for it and we knew it had to be in the house because her car key is attached to her wallet (and her car is parked at the house). She is absolutely frantic. Sobbing, screaming, hyperventilating, etc.

Throwing **** everywhere and just having an absolute meltdown while tearing the house apart. We had never seen her behave like this, so we’re all kinda surprised she’d be THAT upset about her wallet.

It’s stressful, sure. But I genuinely was concerned about how she was reacting.

She says the gift card thief must have taken it, implying it is roommate #4 (the only person who hasn’t had something stolen yet).

They were in for a shock.

A few days after that, I found her wallet in the trunk of my car.

We had gone to get groceries together and I guess she just laid it in the trunk while we were unloading. I’m like “holy **** I found her wallet!” and then I open it up because I’m just excited to confirm that I did indeed find her wallet.


Both stolen gift cards front and center. No doubt.

The Visa gift card has my name printed on it and roommate #2’s mom had written something in sharpie on his gift card.

I realize she had a meltdown because she was afraid we’d find out she was the thief.

I left the wallet — cash and all — right where it was: pushed up against the inner lip of the trunk so you couldn’t see it unless you leaned farther into the car.

That was an expensive lesson.

A locksmith wouldn’t make her new keys without the title. And the title was in the glovebox of her locked car.

All in all, she spent about $500 replacing her DL, title and keys. Not to mention not being able to drive her car for two weeks!

I moved out of state with her wallet still in my car. Finally tossed it in trash several months later. Sometimes the universe assists you with petty revenge.”

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I think she got what was coming to her…

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