May 15, 2024 at 4:11 pm

A Guy Wanted To Visit His Childhood Home, But The Current Owners Said No And The Town Turned Against Them

by Ashley Ashbee

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My childhood home was sold as a teardown after we moved. I can never go back to see how things look now and reminisce.

This doesn’t bother me at all, but it seems it would bother a lot of folks in this small town!

Read this story to see what I mean.

AITA For not wanting previous owner’s son in my home/property?

My husband, daughter, and I live in a small rural town.

We purchased this house with acreage about 4-5 years ago from a couple with two adult sons.

Lovely. I can understand why it would have sentimental value.

It’s a very beautiful custom country French house that the man and his sons built themselves over the course of several years.

The house is very luxurious and so I can see how special it is for them.

Must have been weird to see that in the feed!

Yesterday I was checking our town’s FB page for updates on things, and came across a post of a man asking on how to contact the owners of a house that matched our address, because he wanted to show his kid his childhood home but didn’t want to randomly come unannounced, especially since we installed a gate at the entrance.

A lot of people gave him ideas on how to look us up on the internet and find our phone numbers and contact us.

My husband and I are very private people and this kinda bothered me.

To put a stop to it, I politely commented on the post that we are not interested and apologized.

No, a Karen is someone who feels entitled to be let into your house.

Now, people are calling me a Karen for not wanting them over.

I can see why they’d think I’m a Karen, but tbh, I feel relieved that I was honest because I didn’t feel comfortable with having them over in the first place.


Here’s what people in the comments had to say.

A lot of people understood OP’s decision and respected it.

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Riddle me this: what if they’re STILL prone to stealing furniture?

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It’s like when you give a deer in your backyard some bread. Next minute you’re Snow White with forest friends.

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Excellent point. Doing it publicly got you on the wrong foot not just with the previous homeowner and anyone in the town who sees the post or hears about it from a neighbour. Word spreads fast in small towns.

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I’m an open book, but I don’t get it either.

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Privacy is great, but you need to be tactful when you communicate with a small town.

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