April 14, 2014 at 7:48 pm

The Pit Stop: 1950 vs Today

by twistedsifter


In this comparison video, we see Bill Holland coming in for a pit stop during the 1950 Indianapolis 500 (he would go on to finish 2nd). Back then only four crew members were allowed to work on the car. Pit stop time: 67 seconds.

Next, we see a Ferrari pit stop from the 2013 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. I believe the driver is Fernando Alonso (who would go on to finish 5th). Pit stop time: ~3 seconds

While this isn’t a perfect comparison, it’s still interesting to see the progression. The 1950s crew was only four people for starters. Also, refuelling has been banned since 2010 in Formula 1 which would certainly add at a few more seconds.

Got to love that windshield polishing though!


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