Dec 27, 2012

Picture of the Day: Behind a Frozen Waterfall




behiind a frozen waterfall minnehaha falls minnesota Picture of the Day: Behind a Frozen Waterfall

Photograph by Matt Sepeta


Located in Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls can be found near the entrance to Minnehaha Park, a 193-acre park divided into two main portions: an upper section above the falls which is kept trimmed and maintained like many other city parks, and the lower section which is largely left in a natural state and popular for free climbing due to the steep terrain.

Due to the extremely cold temperatures during the winter months, the waterfall is known to freeze, creating a dramatic cascade of ice that can last well into Spring. The falls are located in Minnehaha Creek, a tributary of the Mississippi River, close to where the creek meets back with the Mississippi. [Source]



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