Jul 23, 2015

Artist Begins 5 Year Project to Draw the 100,000+ Items in Late Grandfather’s Tool Shed


When artist Lee John Phillips’ grandfather passed; he left behind a lifetime of tools, parts and knick-knacks in his tool shed where he spent countless hours tinkering. Lee estimates there are over 100,000 individual items in the small shed and he has recently undertaken an ambitious project to draw and document every single piece.

At his current pace he figures the project will take him about five years (he’s currently drawn just shy of 4,000) and he’s documenting his progress on Instagram and Twitter where you can also see his amazing sketchbook drawings.

[via Kottke.org]


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Items 157 - 181 of 'project shed'. Only an estimated 14,000 left.

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Every time I come back it daunts me even more. I estimate well over 100,000 items. Oh dear......

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