Jun 23, 2012

Picture of the Day: The Tea Fields of Boseong, Korea






Located on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula in the southwestern province of Jeollanam-do, Boseong is a land of rolling hills covered in verdant green tea fields. Boseong-gun is the largest tea-growing county in Korea. It is known in many historical records as the home of tea cultivation and approximately 40% of the nation’s tea is produced in this area.

The most-visited plantation is the Daehan Tea Plantation. This is the oldest, largest and most beautiful of the area’s tea gardens. Spread out over some 561 hectares of hillside, the fields are a pleasant mix of rows of green tea and beautiful forests.

Buses to Boseong depart from Seoul Express Bus Terminal. The trip takes about five hours. If buses aren’t your thing, you can take a five-hour train ride from Seoul’s Yongsan Station to Suncheon, and take an hour bus ride to Boseong from there. [Source: Korea Tourism Official, Korea Tourism Official 2]