Feb 4, 2014

Picture of the Day: The Front Steps After a Snowstorm




front steps after a blizzard in st louis contrast snow handrail

Photograph by ROBBERY LAWSON
Portfolio | Prints available


In this beautiful capture by Robbery Lawson, we see the photographer’s front yard after an early January blizzard dumped 10 inches (25.4 cm) of snow in a matter of hours in St. Louis, Missouri. If you look closely you can see the faint outline of steps just underneath the handrail. For those curious why there is no snow atop the handrail, the snow was light and fluffy and the wind was strong.

The amazing contrast in this image reminds me of a ‘Picture of the Day’ from last year entitled, Contrast in Krakow.

The photograph was posted last month (Jan. 8, 2014) to reddit by the photographer’s friend thefootisconstant. The post quickly reached the front page and has been viewed 1.16 million times on Imgur.

If you want to see more from Lawson, check out his portfolio on National Geographic’s Your Shot. If you’re interested in prints, check out Lawson’s Society6 profile.



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