Jul 22, 2015

Picture of the Day: Clouds to Scale

clouds to scale over different sized islands Picture of the Day: Clouds to Scale

Photograph by Don Bigote on reddit


In this fun photo we see six islands of varying sizes, each with their own cloud of equally varying size. The photo was posted last week to reddit’s r/mildlyinteresting subreddit by user Don Bigote.

For a more technical explanation of what’s happening, fellow reddit user Mikeyymc explains:


“What really happens in this picture is this: land heats up faster than water. When the sun comes out, the land heats quickly, forming an area of low pressure directly on the island. This results in an area of higher pressure offshore. Since air goes from high to low pressure, the marine moisture as well as moisture from the island gets drawn into the low pressure over the island. Low pressure creates upward vertical motion, causing the warm moist air to rise, cool, and condense into a cloud. Directly over each island.” [source]



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