Dec 30, 2015

Find the Panda: Black Metal / Star Wars Editions


Ever since Gergely Dudás unleashed his hidden panda and cat drawings, the Internet has been scanning and searching for more ‘things to find in a crowd of other things’.

Well look no further! Below are the two latest entries into this Internet phenomenon. The first places a panda amidst a sea of black metal musicians. The artwork was done by Norwegian artist, Espen Westum.

The second image was drawn by Bored Panda community member ste1, and places a sneaky panda amongst a group of Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters.

See how fast you can find the panda in the images below!



find-the-panda-black-metal-star-wars-editions (1)

Artwork by Espen Westum



find-the-panda-black-metal-star-wars-editions (3)



… Bonus Panda, What!


Bored Panda reader Tracy Lynn Heightchew submitted this retro classic from 1978 that shows a group of students at a Junior Achievers Conference in Bloomington. Look closely and you’ll see a panda somewhere amongst the students.


find-the-panda-black-metal-star-wars-editions (2)