June 30, 2022 at 1:12 am

Dad Sparks Debate After Posting Pics of 14-Year-Old Son Working at Burger King

by Matthew Gilligan

Well, this post sure seemed to divide a lot of people on social media.

A man named Chris Crawford shared a post on Facebook giving a shout-out to his 14-year-old son for working hard at Burger King every day during the summer so he can save up for a car.

Read Crawford’s post below to see what he had to say about kiddo.

The story was shared on Twitter and people weighed in with their own opinions.

This person mocked Crawford and his praise for his son.

And this man agreed and said this might be indicative of something bad happening…

Another Tweeter said not having any fun in childhood can lead to major problems for people when they are older.

But some folks had the complete opposite reaction.

This guy said that success takes hard work and that this kid is on the right path.

And another person said that negative comments about this story are why 99% of people are broke as a joke.

The jury seems to be divided on this one…

twistedsifter on facebook Dad Sparks Debate After Posting Pics of 14 Year Old Son Working at Burger King