Oct 30, 2022

Redditor Claims AI-Written Essays Got Them Straight A’s

As artificial intelligence advances, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that students would one day use it to cheat on their homework. According to Redditor Urdadgirl69, that day has come and gone, and this user claims they and their friends have successfully received straight A’s using AI-written essays.

“I have been using this tool for quite some time and only recently came up with the idea to use it to write essays, answer questions about movies and books for school projects, and much more,” wrote Redditor user Urdadgirl69 the Open AI subreddit. “I feel a little guilty about it, but I don’t really care that much anymore. For a couple of weeks, I have made $100 profit by ‘doing’ homework for other classmates and now I am looked at as a genius. What are your thoughts on this? Have you done it yourself?”

“Yes, this post was rephrased by the AI,” the user added.

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The post was met with widespread skepticism, prompting the question: Is AI advanced enough to do this?

According to the Redditor, AI does most of the writing, but a human needs to fact-check the work and edit it for voice and consistency. A 2021 report used a similar program to write intentionally biased news stories and was 63 to 70 percent effective at changing people’s opinions. The content was especially successful when a live person edited the content before publication.

Given its shortcomings, users will have to decide if their time is valuable enough to rework AI-generated content that would still be considered cheating.

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