Jan 3, 2023

8 Customer “Hacks” Employees Wish You Would Ignore

Social media is all about the hacks, and if you spend enough time on it – especially TikTok – you’re bound to pick up a few that sound interesting and apply at your local establishments.

The people working there might not be thrilled about it, though – in fact, they say they’d be happy if these 8 “hacks” stopped making the rounds immediately.

8. Mixing your Chipotle bowl


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The way a Chipotle bowl comes can be a little tough to swallow – no one wants a whole mouthful of sour cream, or a dry bite of rice and meat if they can help it, after all.

One TikToker recently reminded people that they can simple ask the employee finishing up your lunch to give the ingredients a mix before wrapping up your burrito, and I’ve gotta say, it is pretty enjoyable.

The employees at Chipotle hope it doesn’t catch on, though, because it’s an extra step in what’s already a fairly long process.

7. McDonald’s “secret” menu item


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McDonald’s Land Air Sea Burger is a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken, but there’s a catch – you have to make it yourself.

People are all about the new offering, but many don’t read the fine print and expect McDonald’s employee to make the massive snack for them.

Customers have been filmed treating employees badly after realizing they’ve received three separate sandwiches; some yelled, others asked for refunds, and a few have even called corporate to complain.

“If I wanted to make my own sandwich, I would have stayed home and made my own sandwich,” complained one customer.

As a former representative, I would have struggled to not reply “well, you should probably just do that, then.”

6. Pay-it-forward drive thru lines


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It might seem like a sweet act of kindness to pay for the order in the car behind you, thereby sparking what can sometimes turn into hours of “pay-it-forward” lines, but workers see it a different way.

They say the generosity often doesn’t extend to their tip jar, and it can be awkward when someone can’t afford to pay for the order behind them and has to put a stop to it.

Employees suggest it would be better to tip them a little extra instead, and you can still consider it your good deed for the day.

5. Five Guys “grilled cheese cheeseburger”


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When done correctly, this concoction combines a famous Five Guys’ cheeseburger with grilled cheese-style bread – ooey, gooey, and delicious.

The #grilledcheeseburger tag has nearly a million views on TikTok, but workers at Five Guys say it creates a very tedious order, especially on a busy shift.

4. Free food at Chick-fil-a


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A women on TikTok went viral for sharing a “hack” for getting free food at busy restaurants like Chick-fil-a. She uses a card she knows will be declined while the drive thru is absolutely packed, betting that the employee trying to run it will simply give her the food instead of holding up the line for any longer.

It might be handy and it might even occasionally work, but it’s borderline illegal, very unethical, and could end up getting the employee at the window fired.

3. Starbucks latte on the cheap


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You can make your Starbucks run cheaper by order an “espresso over ice” and then mixing in your own milk at the self-serve bar, essentially creating an iced latte.

It makes employees have to fill the milk containers more often, though, and is not technically allowed.

2. Waiting outside before the store opens


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People think getting there early is a hack that guarantees good customer service and fully-stocked shelves, but employees say it’s embarrassing, and that they’re tired of being stared down while they go through their opening procedures.

“That’s when you say to them, if you treat me like that I will refuse service and ask you to leave. I don’t let myself get treated like this anymore,” said one person.

1. Starbucks “TikTok drink”


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Starbucks baristas are used to catering to fads, but the “TikTok drink” might send a few of them over the edge.

People have viewed #tiktokdrinkstarbucks more than 25 million times. If you order it,  you should receive a “white chocolate mocha with salted caramel cold foam and drizzle.”

Some people find it “sickeningly sweet,” and many baristas are over it, too, wondering why one of their own would “do this to other baristas.”

Some of these sound pretty interesting, but if you want to stay on the nice list at your favorite lunch or drink spot, you might want to just say no.

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