February 3, 2023 at 12:58 am

21 People Weigh In On What Animal Would Be The Scariest If It Was The Size Of A Whale

by Trisha Leigh

There are plenty of animals that are scary even though they’re tiny – ticks come to mind – but you’ve gotta admit that sometimes, size matters.

These 21 people are musing on what animal would be the most terrifying if they were the size of a blue whale, so get ready to stretch your imagination.

21. Among other things.

Cats. The zoomies would be apocalyptic.

20. Chimps are a nightmare.

Chimpanzee. Already very strong and incredibly smart, just imagine if you pissed it off.

Gorillas are just grumpy, territorial herbivores like bulls or elephants; chimps are omnivorous predators that happily commit genocide.

19. Everybody has jokes.

Komodo dragon – Three words: “RUN! IT’S GODZILLA!”

Also, alligator snapping turtle: “RUN! IT’S GAMERA!”

18. The blob.

Any microscopic insect/organism whose form is unfamiliar to human eyes as is.

17. Everyone would run away screaming.


there’s a million ways I’d rather die than from a whale sized cockroach.

16. Not like A Bug’s Life.

Ants would be pretty scary. Their faces.. keep it microscopic.

or a centipede. Imagine a 100 foot centipede with 80 inch sharp fangs.

15. They are the worst.

Horseflies. F**k those buzzing, biting, blood drinking vampires.

14. Basically a dinosaur.

A chicken would be absolutely terrorizing.

13. Fascinating organisms.

A slime mould cell.

It’s basically an amoeba, so not that scary. One whale sized blob of cytoplasm that can’t do very much.

BUT … every now and then, it’ll join forces with hundreds of thousands of its siblings. They gloop together to form one massive superorganism that’s now no longer the size of a whale; it’s the size of Mount Everest.

It then sets off looking for food and digesting everything in its path. It squelches over our farms and cities, digesting them all. The armed forces try to blow it up, but every time they do, it just divides and carries on as before, eating everything and getting bigger. It is unstoppable.

Oh and it’s smart. Capable of navigation, learning and memory, despite not having a brain or any sensory organs as we know them.

It then decides to stop. It produces an armada of spores that disperse on the wind and waters to cover the globe. They return to being a single, whale sized blob.

Until its myriad brethren over the world decide to coalesce again. Because it’s lunch time.

EDIT: woke up this morning to see my most popular comment ever was a bedtime horror story about giant slime moulds. Did not expect that. Thank you everyone.

There are loads of videos and documentaries about slime moulds. They’re fascinating organisms.

12. Go ahead and look it up.

Ducks due to the gigantic corkscrew penis.

11. Nope to all of that.

Bed bugs



Army ants


Dust mites

10. They know nothing else.

Any insect, sheer war machines.

Especially because they have so many freaky details that are too small to see. All those hairs, and the eyes… yikes.

9. Always the ladies.

A mosquito…female

It’d be literal vampires f**king shit up.

The streets littered with the bloodless husks of people… on the plus side though, you wouldn’t survive long enough to contract malaria or west Nile!

8. Anything that big would be scary.

Even a giant butterfly would be absolutely scary.

7. And we do mean everything.

Imagine a seagull the size of a blue whale flying around eating everything

6. They’re so pretty, though!

Dragonfly… Any river will be deadly and later they just kill you from the air.

95% success rate at hunting, we will be extinct in months.

5. So interesting!

Pistol shrimp. Imagine the heat they can generate at that size.

“The internal low pressure causes a water pulse that immobilizes prey with an associated noise of 218 dB which is louder than a bullet, and reportedly a temperature of 4800 degrees centigrade which is similar to the surface temperature of the sun”

4. Birds are objectively terrifying already.

Whale sized birds of prey would be an issue. They’d swoop down and kill people.

3. You name it, it’s gone.


ONLY BECAUSE they will eat anything that can fit in there mouth.

now imagine a whale sized frog with its whale sized mouth being able to eat anything that can fit.

buildings, people cars, most likely whales, planes, boats you name it its gone

2. Just because of the eyes.

Praying Mantis.

1. Big, scary, and pink.

Those weird worms that live on the bottom of the ocean and have huge teeth.

These are some excellent submissions, don’t you think?

I’m going with one of those terrifying-looking hornets.

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