March 2, 2023 at 6:13 pm

12 People Share Major Movie Mistakes They’re Surprised Made It Into the Final Cut

by Matthew Gilligan

How did that end up in there?!?!

Have you ever been watching a movie and noticed something that definitely should have been left on the cutting room floor?

Well, if not, maybe these responses from AskReddit users will make you pay a little bit more attention to movies.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Say what?

“D** Hard when the ambulance is inside the truck at the end but wasn’t inside it in the beginning.”

2. Which one is it?

“In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is eating breakfast at the fancy hotel. She’s eating a croissant.

Cut to Richard Gere. Cut back to Julia, she’s eating a pancake.”

3. Obvious.

“Harrison Ford standing in front of fake bookshelves in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

It may be a minor thing, but it is *obvious*.”

4. They blew it!

“In the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, you can see the actor inside Donatello’s costume.

It’s mildly terrifying.”

5. Mistake.

“In “Behind Enemy Lines” the pilot is able to walk a great distance in able to reach a specific point for radio communication.

It’s a spot marked on his map for just such emergencies.

During the radio transmission he has to go silent because enemy forces are close by. After cutting chatter the admiral gets upset and yells at someone to “triangulate” his position.

Admiral sir… You already know where he why are you asking to know where he is?”

6. Good observation.

“In Cannonball Run, they spend a good 10 minutes explaining that the racers are all starting at different times.

The winner will be the one who completes the race in the shortest time, which is NOT necessarily the first team to finish.

At the end they ignore this, and give the trophy to the first team to finish.”

7. Clueless.

“In The Fast and the Furious, the line “Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should”.

Why the hell would you double clutch during a drag race? Just proved the writers had no clue about cars, much less racing them.”

8. LOL.

“In The Walking D**d’s first episode where Rick is riding the horse and turns the corner and finds a street full of walkers, you can see a walker drinking from a water bottle.”

9. Confusing.

“Transformers: Rise of the Fallen has a scene that breaks my brain so much I’ve had to check to make sure it was real about a dozen times.

They go to the National Mall in Washington, DC at night. They find the jet that turns out to be an old transformer. He breaks through a wall and then they are at the airplane graveyard in Tucson, AZ during the day.

I don’t care that there isn’t a bunch of planes outside in Washington DC. Movie magic and all that. But we literally go from night to mid-day and from Washington DC to the freaking middle of the desert.”

10. Didn’t think it through.

“In Castaway, if Tom Hanks would have simply gone to the other side of the island (at the beginning after crashing he climbs to the top and you can see the whole thing), he could have paddled out past the break water in calm seas.”

11. Bugged by it.

“In Final Destination 3, the roller coaster gets derailed by some guys camera in the vision.

That guy never got on the ride- hes one of the people that gets off. It’s always bugged me.”

12. LOTR.

“The Fellowship Of The Ring – During the scene where Sam talks about being the furthest from home, you can see a car driving in the background (theater version only, they fixed it after)

Two Towers – In the 2nd last scene, when they’re all looking at Mordor, Eomer isn’t Eomer. He wasn’t available for filming, so they used his stunt double, meant to edit the proper actors’ face in later but never did.

Return Of The King – At the black gate after Aragorns speech, when it shows Gandalf and company when aragorn looks back, Gimli’s face is the stunt double who looks NOTHING like Gimli. This part is nightmare fuel.”

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