May 19, 2023 at 2:04 am

What Free Things Online Should Everyone Take Advantage Of? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

This is going to be a useful discussion for all of us.

Because we can all use some more FREE stuff these days, don’t you think?

You know that’s the truth!

And these AskReddit users were nice enough to share their tips about free things online that we should all be taking advantage of.

Let’s take a look!

Good one.

It’s a website that has compiled Psychology topics into easy to read modules. They have been compiled by psychology university professors to help facilitate free education for students.

You can even download the ones you’re interested as a PDF as many times as you want.

All of this is free!”

Get smart!

“OpenLearn from the UK’s Open University.

Free courses for all levels of study, samples of university materials, study skills nd tie-ins to BBC documentaries.

Everything under Creative Commons licence so you can use it as you see fit:

Free stuff!

It’s litterly people giving away stuff they dont need/want any more that they can’t/don’t care enough to sell.”

Pick your parts.


It is a car parts supplier, but their videos show exactly what tools you need, what parts you need, and how to do a repair yourself. Great money saver if you don’t know much about mechanics.

Someone I knew was going to get screwed by their mechanic (700 bucks for a water pump replacement). Showed them that, they did it themselves for 30 bucks. It makes it quicker too, knowing what tools you need ahead of time for your particular car.”

I did not know that!

“USPS and UPS both will deliver free packaging boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap, etc. to your house.

Literally doesnt cost a thing and you can get like 50 boxes at a time.”

Very useful.

Unsplash is where you can get free photos of just about anything, provided by the photographers themselves, to do with what you like.”

Good to know.

“If you’re in the USA and you earn less than a certain amount of money — currently $69,000 — you can use the same software to file your taxes for free.

The system is called Free File, and companies that sell you tax software are trying very hard to make it difficult to find. Don’t let them.”

For the students.

“Maybe not everyone, but for students Zotero is a lifesaver.

It will store your sources, import them to a bibliography in whatever citation style you need, and even create in-text citations in your paper. It saves hours of work.”

You gotta love Dolly!

“Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library if you have a child younger than 5.

They send an age appropriate book once a month. It’s amazing! I have so many books for my daughter since I signed up and she loves getting them in the mail!”

Nice! for flights.

It’s so good that United sued them and lost.

They essentially exploit the pricing manipulation that airlines use. Example, if you want to go from Phoenix to Atlanta, sometimes a ticket from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale connecting through Atlanta is cheaper.

This website finds those flights for ya. Just don’t check in a bag!”


My 90s TV

This is more of a novelty website, but I think it’s pretty cool and you can lose yourself for hours with nostalgia. It basically uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in 90s and you can specify what year you want and what categories you want to see when you change channels.

There is also a My 80s TV and a My 70s TV

Saves time.

“Wikipedia’s reading lists.

The article itself often holds a pretty good collection of relevant information, yet for in depth research it can be hard to find proper literature. Wikipedia always quotes their sources which often are the most relevant for a topic.

Unless you aren’t researching for your Phd. you can save a lot of time in literature research.”

Up in the sky.

“Astronomer here!

You can look up all the satellites flying over your house tonight, including the ISS, Hubble Space Telescope, those pesky Starlink satellites, and whatever else your heart desires, complete with star maps and precise timing.

The website is called Heavens Above and there is an Android app, but unfortunately no iOS one last I checked. (For iOS I use “Sputnik!” which is free and tells me the ISS and Hubble passes overhead.)

It should be noted btw that many if not most of these objects are visible even in a city if on a good pass right above you. So out and see some cool stuff!”

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