May 21, 2023

What’s Unusual About Your Body? Here’s What People Said.

We all have weird things about our bodies.

That’s what makes all of us unique and that’s part of the fun, right?!?!

You better believe it!

And these AskReddit users were not shy about the quirks they have.

Check out what they had to say.

Silver fox.

“My hair started losing its color when I was 10 years old.

I used to be brunette.

My hair has been completely silver and white since my 20s.”

Going strong!

“My heart is bionic at this point.

I’ve had 4 open heart surgeries, aorta and mitral valves are now titanium.

It makes a ticking noise like a clock. I’m only 30.”

That’s crazy.

“When I was born, none of my organs were in the places they should be.

Had 5 surgeries after birth to get everything moved around, and put to right places.

Luckily, no issues since.”

Very unusual.

“Two of my toes on each foot are webbed halfway.

The index and middle toe, each side. Nothing else.

I can’t swim any faster which I personally think is bulls**t.”


“My sweat is extra acidic.

I can fully rust guitar strings in a week or 2, and have eaten holes on 2 laptops where I rest my hands, both happened within a year of use”


“I have a rare condition in which my large intestine is smashed over to one side of my torso and my small intestines are smashed over to the other side.

The only reason we discovered it is that one day, they decided to physically switch places causing extreme pain.

They have switched places a total of four times in my life. It’s really painful and kinda gross hearing your goopy bits flop around inside of you.”

How’d that get there?

“I’m a medical mystery in that I got a Salmonella infection in a cyst on my spleen and to this day no one knows how it possibly got there.”


“I’m 21 and going through menopause!

I hit puberty at the age of two, had a lot of hormonal issues growing up but my mother was resistant to getting me help so I’m the same height and weight I was in 5th grade some 11 years ago.

I can also type with my toes and do simple origami with my feet like a ninja star or paper airplane which is a fun party trick.”

The hair up there.

“When I was born, the doctor said he “had never seen a baby with this much nose hair”.

At 46 it is still my superpower.”


“I have Chiari Malformation Type I.

My brain is too large and doesn’t fit in my skull, so my cerebellum gets smashed into my spinal column.

I had surgery to correct the issue, but now I’m down my c1 vertebrae and a chunk of my skull.”

Like a snake.

“Every spring and autumn, my palm sheds its upper skin.

There is no exposed lower layers, I just literally regenerate and dispose of my palm skin like a snake.

Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t bleed. It just happens.”

Must be pretty skinny.

“My stomach is 1/10 the size it should be.

I’m a cheap date because I can get drunk off nothing and it’s nearly impossible for me to overdrink.”


“I have pectus excavatum and was born with a 3rd ear on my cheek.

The 3rd ear was removed with plastic surgery when I was a child but now I have a patch on my cheek that can’t grow facial hair.”

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