May 19, 2023

Women Talked About How They Had No Idea They Were Pregnant Until Late in Their Terms

What a strange experience it must be as a woman to have absolutely no idea that you are pregnant…especially when it’s getting close to GO time!

But the women you’re about to hear from all had no clue they were going to have a child (or children) until way late in their pregnancies.

Take a look at their wild stories below!

Had no clue.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant right up until giving birth to my little one.

I’d recently quit my job because I really wasn’t happy working there. I was scheduling in two weeping sessions a day so I clearly could not cope. It’s around this when I first started with morning sickness although at the time I thought I’d caught a stomach bug.

After being so sick that I missed my period I thought I’d better take a test just incase, it came back negative and I assumed that it was correct since I had no reason to doubt these tests before. I often missed periods due to stress, plus being irregular anyway I didn’t really feel that worried.

After a few more weeks the sickness had died down but I still wasn’t feeling right so I took the other test in the box thinking that it might have been too early to test last time, and that one came back negative too. So I just left it at that.

A few days later the sickness had stopped so I didn’t go see a doctor since I assumed that I’d just had a bad illness that was made worse from all the stress I’d been carrying. Besides which I could not even get through on the phone to make an appointment so I thought there was no point bothering.

I was eating normally again but because I was still really depressed over my life as it was (failed university, quit my job and failed interviews at other potential places) I started to comfort eat more. So naturally when the weight gain started I didn’t think anything of it since I already knew I was being a fat bastard binging on food to fill the void in my heart.

Months go by and symptoms like indegestion didn’t alert me, and the baby kicking felt like bad stomach aches or trapped wind. Besides, I just looked fat, I did not have a stereotypical pregnancy belly, nothing made me think I could be pregnant. Every time I thought about it I just put it down to wishful thinking. I’d already miscarried a year before so in my head I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have kids.

I ended up giving birth at home, without pain relief or doctors. I thought that I was dying during it I was so confused and terrified. The dispatcher told my sister to check between my legs and when she did she saw my little ones head dangling down. After about 5 mins little one was born in the bathroom of my families home.

I was so shocked and worried and excited at the same time. My little one and me were checked thoroughly and we were both perfectly healthy. I’m so thankful that their fine. I was definitely watched over that night. I missed out on all the excitement of pregnancy, I never got a scan photo of my little one or anything but I’m just so glad they’re a happy healthy baby. I’m blessed and lucky.”

Just a normal day…

“I woke up the morning of December 21, 2016, feeling absolutely normal, not knowing what I was about to go through.

Just a couple hours later, I started feeling some minor cramping and brushed it off as nothing. It gradually became a little more painful throughout the day so I figured it was that time of the month for me as I had started bleeding a bit, too.”


“I had to work in the morning and about 20 minutes into my shower my whole stomach tensed and as I looked down a huge stream of water poured out of me.”

No signs.

“I never felt like I had to push, but at a certain point, I felt like my body was pushing, and then he came very quickly after that.

“There was no sign, there was no kicking. She gained 10 pounds through the whole entire pregnancy. She had her woman time show up every month.”


“I knew then what was happening and I went into shock.

All I can remember thinking is, ‘oh my God, is this really happening?’”

One week to go.

“I know a girl who did. She was an overweight girl who was completely out of touch with her body. She was naturally ashamed of her body so she tended to hide and ignore it.

She never got regular periods anyway, so she didn’t spot any of the warning signs. She found out one week before she gave birth that she was pregnant. On the day she gave birth, her stomach looked bloated but not pregnant at all. Crazy.”

What is that?

“I felt something moving and I went to the doctor. I was on the pill at the time.

I was also 7 months along, and not showing a belly (cryptic pregnancy).

I thought my weight gain was from the  new workout regimen/diet I’d started earlier that year.”

Late again.

“I used to have this issue of skipping periods for a few months. Once it went 6 months.

Well I was tired of it so I went to the doctor to get on birth control. They did pregnancy test as the usual so i thought nothing of it. Doctor comes in saying how everything looks good and such and then looks at my puzzled look and asked me “you didn’t know you were pregnant did you?”

Nope i wouldnt be coming in for birth control if I was. Figured I was 4 months along.

I was in a long term relationship. My daughter was born 6 weeks early due to preeclampsia and other then her small size was healthy. She was 3 lbs 11 oz. Her dad was overjoyed when I told him once he got over his shock, but thats a diffrent story.”

Right there on the floor.

“My mom’s good friend didn’t know she was pregnant until she had the baby on her bathroom floor. Her mom thought she was having an appendicitis and then delievered her granddaughter moments later.

This woman was tall and thin and was wearing a mini dress a week earlier when my mom saw her. She had a perfectly healthy daughter who did end up having to have minor surgery on her foot when she was older because she was shoved up in her mom’s ribs for almost the entire pregnancy. Super weird!”


“This happened to my best friend 8 years ago.

She’d always had irregular periods and had had some bleeding off and on that she assumed was her period. But other than that, no other symptoms.

I saw her shortly before she gave birth and she mentioned that she was getting worried because she was eating better and working out, but kept gaining weight, so she’d scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

She never made it to the doctor’s appointment…instead, she got intense pain in her abdomen while moving some furniture around. She freaked out and called her mom to drive her to the hospital because google told her it could be her appendix. She left with TWINS a few days later.

And she already had two kids. If it was anyone else in the world, I’d side eye the shit out of that story. But she has no reason to lie, especially to me.”

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