July 23, 2023 at 11:32 am

People Share the Things They’d Be Able to Talk About With No Preparation

by Matthew Gilligan

ARExpert30Minutes People Share the Things They’d Be Able to Talk About With No Preparation

Let me ask you a hypothetical question: if someone handed you a microphone and said you had to speak to a group of people for 30 minutes, is there a topic you’d be able to choose?

That’s the question AskReddit users were asked.

Check out what they had to say!



If I have to talk about myself for 30 minutes, I’d use 5 to talk about the happy events that happened and the other 25 minutes to talk about the opposite.”

Very cool.

“How to build a computer from scratch.

It’s actually very interesting.

Try it for yourself at nandgame.com”

Creepy time.

“Classic horror films.

My favorite is The Pit and the Pendulum from 1961.”

All kinds of stuff.

“Nuclear fission or fusion. Anything involving the Gundam franchise. Transhumanism.

How much working in fast food sucks. Cats. Fermented foods. Mass Effect. Biotechnology.

Materials science. Spaceflight. The full list is actually kinda long.”

That’s cool!

“With a green laser pointer and a dark sky, I could talk your ears off about the constellations.”

All over the place.

“IT related subjects, i.e. how to avoid being scammed, how to pick the right PC for your needs.



Woodworking, building your own furniture

Salvaging sunken vessels

Filing a large insurance claim.”

Be prepared.

“Disaster preparedness.

Not from a prepper hording ammo standpoint but what you should have in your house, work, and car in case of disaster; evacuation vs staying in place kits; different types of disasters and what you need for them; and how to tailor your kits for your own specific needs such as elderly relatives or children, pets, and medical issues.

Short answer you should have everything your household needs to survive 3 days with zero outside assistance (including electricity and water) in your house, and be able to get everything together to evacuate your house in no more than 10 minutes.

Depending on your area and the types of disasters you have, you may not even get that 10 minutes.”

Unidentified objects.

“UFO sightings that were reported by highly reputable people who initially did not want to talk to the police and either never talked to media/only did following document declassification.

I know there’s rational/likely explanations for it all but i do enjoy the possibility of the “what if?…””

The king.

“Honestly I’m the king of weird facts.

I can go on and on one fact leading to another I always have to stop myself cause I talk to much about weird random things I found out, I can definitely go 30 mins with alot of subjects.”

Nerd alert!

“Obscure and deep Lore of: Final Fantasy 14, Warhammer 40k and old world Fantasy, Warcraft lore up to the sundering and some parts between this and “current” (although since Activision took over a lot was red conned or awkwardly changed).”

What are you talking about?

“The Venture brothers.

I could talk for hours on it and I only meet 4 people at work who got some of the references.”

You sound smart.

“I could talk about…

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its roots (ditto other associated topics like the Holocaust and anti-Semitism throughout history),

The sinking of RMS Titanic and how it changed our ideas about safety,

Orwell and Huxley,

Why Anthony Burgess, with multiple languages at his disposal, chose Russian for the basis of Nadsat in A Clockwork Orange,

A basic overview of getting started in various kinds of needlework and embroidery,

A long and tiresome list of individual books,

The French Resistance in the Second World War, and why they were critical to an Allied victory,

…and some other stuff.”

I can talk ALL day about MySpace.

Don’t judge.