July 3, 2023 at 11:56 pm

The Internet Can’t Decide Whether Young Al Pacino Or Young Robert De Niro Was Hotter

by Trisha Leigh

PacinoDeNiro The Internet Cant Decide Whether Young Al Pacino Or Young Robert De Niro Was Hotter

This is what I love about the internet, y’all – they get to the bottom of things and answer the important questions plaguing society today.

Like, for instance, whether Robert De Niro or Al Pacino was hotter back in their youth.

Ashley Reese started the conversation (and resulting poll) in a tweet after getting into an argument at a wedding, and whoo boy, I have to think she did not imagine what would happen.

Both De Niro and Pacino have been Hollywood icons for years, and as it turns out, during that time they have inspired nearly an equal number of fans.

Literally, the poll landed at 50/50, even after 300k votes.

People do seem to agree that the pair both peaked as far as “hotness” in the mid-1970s, and also that De Niro might be the more classically handsome, while Pacino has more chaotic and dark energy.

Which of those is more attractive?

I think that’s pretty much a matter of opinion.

The final poll went up during the finale of Succession, which inspired a bunch more memes, and De Niro was the winner by a whole 0.1% margin.

There is clearly no right answer here.

And lucky for all of us, we don’t ever have to choose.