July 7, 2023 at 9:38 am

What Secret Would You Never Tell Your Significant Other? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARSecretsPartners What Secret Would You Never Tell Your Significant Other? Here’s What People Said.

Admit it, you’ve kept secrets from your partner.

Hey, it’s okay!

We’ve all done it!

It’s just the way the world works…

And some fine folks on AskReddit went on the record and shared the secrets they say they’d never tell their partners.

Let’s get scandalous!


“Her mother was interfering in our marriage constantly.

I had an appointment with a lawyer to talk over options for divorce because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Then her mother d**d suddenly. Heart attack.

After the funeral, things got better…and here we are now married for 3 decades.

She doesn’t need to know.”

Knew it was coming.

“I knew you were going to propose.

You left an email up on the computer where you sent a ring to a friend asking her if I will like it. I immediately close the email and went on about my day. We went on the 2 week long trip to Hawaii. One of the days you told me to dress up and I wore this cute white summer dress.

I still remember the way you looked at me. You looked at peace. We drove up the coast to the beach your friend recommended. As soon as we pull in it dawns on you that this isn’t a private beach. It’s pure madness. People everywhere. I saw the look of panic on your face.

I squeezed your arm and said let’s keep driving. We grabbed dinner at a mom and pop place and found the most beautiful secluded beach after. That’s where you proposed and it was perfect.”

He doesn’t need to know.

“I knocked the TV off the Ikea kallax shelf. I was walking quickly with the laundry basket half on my hip and knocked into the shelf. TV came tumbling down and landed upside down on some shoes.

I guess the shoes cushioned the fall because the TV works perfectly. My husband has told me a thousand times to slow down so I won’t bump into things, which I do often.

I will never tell him that the TV fell from five feet and it was totally my fault.”

Time to decompress.

“That sometimes I stay 10-15 mins in the car before coming up the house.

Not ashamed of it or something but I like some me time to be private and not judged.

It’s mostly so that the stress from outside I won’t bring it to our home. Not good bringing negative energy/emotions when facing your kid at home.”

Sounds horrible.

“That her mother, my mother in law, really is a selfish, ignorant, pig headed, helpless drain on me, her, our children, our finances and life in general.

I am working very hard at pretending she isn’t because I love my wife so much. It’s been 35 years. It hasn’t gotten easier.”

Not your problem anymore.

“I’m glad he cheated, and thought the grass was greener (during my terminal cancer diagnosis).

Wish he didn’t lie about it. But, the genuine relief that he is someones else problem after nearly a decade is priceless!”


“I always think that one day he’ll leave me.

That at any moment he’ll find another woman and leave, and he’s going to leave my heart broken into a thousand pieces just like it was before I met him.”


“When my wife and I fight I go around and tighten all the jars in the fridge so that she has to come talk to me if she wants to open one.”

True crime.

“My wife thinks I quit the Master’s program at University because I was having an affair with a Professor’s wife (this was before she and I met).

In actuality, I had to leave town because of my connection to a m**der.

This all happened 25 years ago, and everyone else involved has since passed away.”

Not compatible.

“My s** drive is waaaaaaaay higher than his. I want it 3 to 4 times a day, and he only really wants it 3 to 4 times a month (related to meds and mental health).

He knows I’m always down when he is, but he will never know how often I have to take care of myself, and it’s mostly caused by him being so God dang s**y all the time.”

These were juicy!