August 9, 2023 at 3:18 pm

‘Disappeared into a shadowy government job.’ These People Are Talking About What Happened To The Smartest Kid In Their Class

by Trisha Leigh

SmartestKidNow Disappeared into a shadowy government job. These People Are Talking About What Happened To The Smartest Kid In Their Class

Somehow, being the smartest kid in the class usually results in being bullied – and that’s the way things have been for some time.

Maybe that’s the reason most of us remember who the smartest kid in our class was, and how we all know where they are now.

If you’re curious where most of them ended up, take a gander!

Just once.

After never having even smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol in high school, straight As all the way through, he got a full ride to a really good university.

As a freshman he dropped acid, walked out in front of a car and was ki**ed.

Well that’s awful.

Got a full ride to Harvard.

Did an internship his first summer at Intel and was ki**ed by a dr**k driver a few weeks after arriving in California.

F**king couldn’t believe it when it happened 25 years ago.

Still can’t really.

A new country.

He moved to Poland and became a Molecular Biologist.

I hope it turns around for him.

He got sick with a rare stomach disease and isn’t doing too good.

Big Nerd success.

He went to MIT, works for Apple, and has a very expensive home in California.

He also has a wife and 4 kids and seems to be very happy.

I remember he was programming games in high school and was valedictorian.

A big nerd who became a wealthy big nerd.

That’s how you know he’s really smart.

I believe he works for NASA.

He deleted his Facebook awhile ago (like the smartest kid in our class would do), but that’s what he was doing last I checked.

So intrigued.

Disappeared into a shadowy government job.

poof gone

He joined the navy. Then nothing for years.

Then he posted a pic of him on the deck of a ship in what looked like an astronaut level diving rig, then nothing.

I’m so intrigued.

Next smartest did MARSOC.

Love that for them.

There were two. They were twins. They’re both geneticists now with PHDs, and they work at the same university.

How cool.

My best friend (at the time; we drifted apart and speak only rarely now). He got a PhD. at Harvard, studied science in Antarctica, and now teaches at an Ivy League university.

Definitely tracks.

Smartest guy from my high school became an actual rocket scientist.

Give him a high five from me.

He just accepted a full professorship at a big university in the States. Particle physicist.

Also my bestie.

Destructive drug.

Fentayl happened to her. Married the most abusive guy ever and had 3 kids. Divorced.

Confidence is key.

Superstar pediatric neurosurgeon.

Most confident person I’ve ever met. (Guess you’d have to be, to cut open a little kid’s skull and operate on their brain.)

I have questions.

The smartest kid in my school was really popular, and was one of my closest friends. But when he graduated he left everyone and everything behind-including his family. He even changed his name.

I found out this little bit of information because a friend went to an academic conference and showed me a group photo and he was in it. I exclaimed, “That’s my friend Pascal!” He kept his first name but his last name was an anagram of his original name.

As long as he’s happy?

Went to a big college. Got a degree in tech.

Now makes six figures and owns a townhouse outside of Baltimore.

He lives with his grandmother mainly. Smokes a s*%t load of w**d.

Flys a girl from Colorado to f**k and smoke with.

I married his sister.

No wasted talent here.

There are two. I remember one of them crying when they got an A- on a test in like 7th grade.

One of them (the one who cried) is an executive in a fortune 500 company.

Nothing special but making a lot of money.

The other one is a brain surgeon.

That IS smart.

He was smart enough to never associate with people from high school, again. He has never attended a reunion and it’s been over 30 yrs.

Ready for the apocalypse.

She worked at John’s Hopkins doing research with Psilocybin

Honestly, I’m glad there are so many (seemingly) happy endings.

I’m very sure they deserve it.