August 1, 2023 at 8:37 am

‘Turns out Sharon had met a man online…’ People Share The Scandalous Gossip They’ve Heard Lately

by Justin Gardner

Juicy Gossip AR Remake Turns out Sharon had met a man online... People Share The Scandalous Gossip Theyve Heard Lately

Listen fam, there will always be drama going on.

Because of that, there will always be people who learn about that drama and share it with the world!

Here’s what AskReddit users had to tell all of us so we feel better about our lives.

Players gonna play!

“My two friends just found out they have the same sugar daddy.

They had both been under the impression that they were exclusive with him.”

Workplace drama…

“One of my work mates found another guy we work with on Tinder…

But he’s married with a three year old at home, and his bio and photos said nothing about any of that.”

Good lord…

“My ex wife and I finalized our divorce last June, she’s giving birth in a few weeks with the guy she was cheating on me with.

If it was anyone else I wouldn’t care as much, but since it’s this guy, it hurts.

Oh and she email invited me to buy them gifts off of their baby registry, so I’m trying to think of the most petty item I could get, though I know I shouldn’t show that I give a s**t.”

Damn grandpa!

“I was told that my great grandfather kept the family farm in business by blatant and repeated acts of insurance fraud.”

Damn pastor!

“Our pastor was having an affair with his cousin’s wife.

One day while giving a sermon the cousin storms into church, tackles the pastor and starts to throw haymakers at him. The cousins wife is trying to pull her husband off the pastor.

The pastor’s wife quickly figured out what was happening, ran up and clocked the wife from behind knocking her out. People are trying to separate everyone. Total chaos.”

A good way to look at it

“Just found out the other week through the grapevine that two of my exes are now together. My friends were coming to me like “hey didn’t you used to date both of them? How did that happen?”

One of them is very mild-mannered and relaxed and we ended it amicably because we were getting bored, the other one is hot-headed, impulsive, and motivated… That one ended because we both had trouble communicating our grievances in a healthy manner.

Given my experience with both of them, I have no idea how they’re gonna make it work, but I wish them both luck.”

Bro, you a scammer

“My brother asked my mom for $1000 for rent, she gave him $1400 so he could also pay back a loan.

He turned around and also asked my dad for $1000 for rent which he also gave him. He then turned around and used the money to buy tickets to Burning Man.

My parents aren’t going to lend out anymore money without talking to each other first.”

Sharon done effed up…

“My work requires everyone in our group have security clearance. It’s boring work and the most basic of clearances.

Wednesday a coworkers desk was completely cleaned out. We were told she lost her clearance and was fired. Weird.

Her BFF spilled the beans later. Turns out Sharon had met a man online and they were madly in love. And she cashed out her 401k, her life savings and a second mortgage to send to him. She’s 67.

To no one surprise he’s not a real person and it was all a scam. He claimed he was royalty from Nigeria. Work found out when she started borrowing money from coworkers and it made its way to our boss.

It’s very sad but still…wtf she was around when the whole Nigerian email scam was around! She should have known better.”

Not the underwear!

“When an ex and I broke up a little over 4 years ago, it was bad. We we’re both getting clean and on m**hadone. The things that were said….

November of 2017, ex asked a mutual friend if he and his girlfriend could come stay with me since they were homeless. I’m an idiot, I can’t say no. I was homeless for 10 or so years, so I know how bad it can be.

When I kicked them out, they had stolen so much from me. I didn’t have a lot to begin with. The b**ch even stole a bunch of my underwear.

I literally just found out about an hour ago that she is in jail for possession. Got caught with 40 Oz of liquid her**n.

Karma baby, karma.”

Cheaters gonna cheat!

“An ex friend of mine from high school is now in the middle of the second divorce.

Apparently it’s because she cheated on her second husband with her now current boyfriend.

This is the second time she’s cheated on her husband and I’m curious if she’ll marry the current boyfriend and then cheat on him.”

Young life changed forever

“My ex after one week of being single started dating this SoundCloud rapper, now she’s pregnant with twins.

We’re still in our teens.”

Going “jogging”

“I just found out my neighbor has been having an affair with another one of my neighbors and the kids figured it out.

I used to see them go jogging sometimes.”

Now then, do you feel better?

I do.