August 24, 2023 at 10:33 am

What Would You Refuse to Buy Even if You Were a Millionaire? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARAMillionBucks What Would You Refuse to Buy Even if You Were a Millionaire? Here’s What People Said.

To each their own, but all I can say is that if I won a million bucks, I still wouldn’t buy a crazy-expensive car.

I’d buy something nice and comfortable, but people who are out there buying Lamborghinis and Ferraris?

What’s the deal?!?!

What would you refuse to buy even if you had a million dollars?

Check out how AskReddit users responded.

It’s a trap.

“A timeshare.

I heard the pitch in Vegas in order to get a free show and buffet. I told the guy up front that my wife and I were poor, but we wouldn’t buy what he was selling if we won a million dollars gambling. The pitch still went an hour overtime.

When I asked why he said the presentation varied in time according to level of interest. Not sure what I could have said to show less interest than that!”

Bad news.

“Exotic animals.

I love animals and I’d only do this if they were rescues and couldn’t be sent back out into the wild and needed a home.

Very few people have the resources to help animals like that so if I did I’d help them.”


“A $90,000 Jeep Wagoneer….no Jeep is worth that much.

I feel like jeep designers saw the Canyonaro Simpsons episode and were like “Yupp, that’s it boys!”.”

Not a good idea.

“A trip to North Korea.

I would never go because you would be taken prisoner and declared an American spy or something, but I am very curious about what life is actually like in NK.

All the documentaries are very controlled.”

Playin’ games.

“Battlepasses, Season Passes, monthly subscriptions for online play. I

grew up before those things existed and we would have boo’d the man who suggested them out of the building.

But now they’re normal and I’m the weird one. But still. Not a penny.”


“Anything from high end luxury brands. The mark up is insane.

My partner recently bought a Gucci tote bag and after seeing the price tag and then the bag itself I thought… you just spent 2k dollars on an interlocking G logo.

I don’t get it.”

I said no!

“I went to a concert where you they were charging like $20 for a White Claw.

I don’t care how rich I am, I’m not spending that kind of money on a hard seltzer.”

All kinds of stuff.

“A submarine ride of any kind. NFTs. A Tesla. LEGO Hulkbuster 76210. An XBox Series S. Dinner with any politician. A mail-order bride.

Literally anything from that garbage McDonald’s down the street, that has parked me nine out of ten times that I have been there over the last five or six years. A house in Florida.”

Not impressed.

“Expensive clothes like Louis Vuitton.

I still don’t get it.

Why pay thousands for something when you can go get a regular shirt at Walmart?”

Get a filter.

“Cases of bottled water.

Not gonna lie, I’ll buy one bottle if I’m out and about. But buying it by the case to use at home is insane and evil.

Get a filter. If you live in a place where the tap water is legitimately unsafe, get water in refillable big jugs.”

Sad to think about.

“Probably veal.

I haven’t deep dived into the topic, but heard it’s very uncomfortable for baby calf’s/baby cows. I might be wrong, and that’s the first thing that came to mind.

I’m not a vegetarian, and still would like to try to be at least somewhat respectful to the animals that I eat.”

Yeah, I think I’d skip the trip to North Korea too.

No thanks.