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‘Her kids are always dirty. Snot down their faces, knotted hair.’ New Parents Are Appalled Her Sister Would Expect That She Would Raise Their Kids If Tragedy Struck

by Trisha Leigh

AITAInsultingSistersParenting copy Her kids are always dirty. Snot down their faces, knotted hair. New Parents Are Appalled Her Sister Would Expect That She Would Raise Their Kids If Tragedy Struck

One of the unfortunate questions that all parents have to ask themselves is who would they trust to raise their kids in the tragic event that something happened to them both.

It’s a conversation that can be hard to have, not only with the people you are asking but those you are not – at least, if they figured you would jump at the chance to have them raise your kids.

OP has recently had a daughter after years and years of trying. She is close with her family but her husband has no contact with his. They get together regularly and sometimes they talk about money and business.

Me and my husband recently had our first child. After IVF treatments, thousands and thousands of fertility, and a few miscarriages we had her. Our family is proud and its just such a blessing ti have her.

Our family, my mom and dad and my two sisters and their SOs and kids, gather every other Sunday for lunch where grandma cooks and everyone can relax and the kids can play. I was holding my daughter when business came up.

Me and my husband own a business and insurance, and ect ect. My parents are the beneficials if something ever happened god forbid.

My husband has disavowed his family since he was sixteen, so its just my side.

When her sister realized that their parents would not only get their money and business, but their daughter, too, she was angry.

One of my sisters, lets call her K, suddenly said, that’s weird. Why are our parents the ones to inherit money if something happened to us when they are older and retired (have their money) while she is struggling to pay her bills.

K has been engaged for the last 11 years to a man that’s 25 years her senior and is very odd. She had 5 kids by him. She and her family gets evicted yearly due to the damage they do to the apartments and are overall struggling. In my opinion, something that they do to themselves. She refuses to work and allows her kids to rampage.

Shes also recently gotten in trouble legally because she was selling her food stamps for cash and was caught.

I immediately tried to change the subject but my mom didnt notice and said, “Well now with baby if anything happens, well adopt her and the business.”

My sister snapped and demanded why she wouldn’t be the next in line to raise the baby, you know, in the event me and my husbands DEATH. i tried to change the subject again.

She demanded why id trust our 70 year old parents with a baby over her, an ‘experienced mother.’

OP snapped, pointing out all of the ways her sister has failed her own kids as a parent and wondering aloud why on earth they would trust her with theirs.

I snapped too. I told her how she’s getting evicted every 6 months. How everytime she thinks her boyfriend is about to leave her she gets pregnant.

Years ago, she had a cps case opened against her for leaving 2 of her toddlers in a running car at a gas station. I had some.low blows, I admit.

Her kids are always dirty. Snot down their faces, knotted hair. Their teeth are rotting out of their heads. She gathered her kids and left.

The family is upset and wants to put this behind them but OP is tired of everyone letting her sister act like she’s fine.

My other sister sent a ‘not cool text’ and my family had two members that died in 9/11 and we have a family gathering every year so my parents are asking me to apologize and put this behind us so we can focus on that tomorrow.

No! Im sick of it. She’s calling out my new parenting when she’s barely hanging on? She used to drop her kids off on our doorstep, barely clothed, and then return the next morning.

And she’s upset I don’t want to give her guardianship if me and my husbands death happens?!?!?

Should she have handled it differently? Let’s find out!

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They hope the family isn’t turning a purposeful blind eye to the kids.

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This is a weird conversation and situation if you ask me.

I genuinely just hope all of these kids make it to adulthood unscathed.