September 16, 2023 at 4:21 pm

‘Meanwhile, there are thousands of bots snatching up tickets.’ A Man Couldn’t Buy Lana Del Rey Tickets Because Ticketmaster Said He Was A Bot

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

Here we go with more issues with people trying to get concert tickets to see their favorite artists…

You’ve most likely heard about the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco that plagued her 2023 tour and now it seems like Lana Del Rey fans are going through the same thing with Ticketmaster.

A TikTok user posted a video and complained about being blocked from the Ticketmaster site while trying to buy tickets to see the popular singer after he was accused of being a bot.

He said there were more than 2,000 people ahead of him in line when he got into the Ticketmaster queue and friends of his who were also trying to buy tickets couldn’t because bots were buying up all the seats to the concert.

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

He waited for an hour online and when it was his turn to purchase tickets, an error page appeared that accused him of being a bot and blocked him from the site.

He said, “It is absolutely ridiculous that people who wake up early, have the funds by the grace of goodness to be able to afford to go to a concert like Lana’s for face-value tickets, cannot even go.”

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

He also said that it’s getting harder to buy concert tickets online and added, “Meanwhile, there are thousands of bots snatching up tickets from actual human beings. Ticketmaster, make it make sense. This is ridiculous.”

The man said that a friend of his was eventually able to buy him and their group tickets to the concert, but it was all a big headache.

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

Let’s take a look at the video.


This is so bitter sweet… going to see #LanaDelRey in concert but at what cost… these bots are absolutely out of control and I really dont think #ticketmaster should be allowed to do this anynmore. Nor should #stubhub #seatgeek #vividseats and more 🎟️ the fact I was told I wasnt a human when half the sales went to automated systems is so messed up… #lanadelreytour #lanadelreytour2023 #lanadelreytickets #ldrconcert #lanafansbelike #ticketmasterscammers #seatgeekscam #ticketsales #livenation #livenationpartner #lanadelreytok #didyouknowthattheresatunelunderoceanblvd #nfrlana #honeymoonlanadelrey #ultraviolencelanadelrey #paradiselanadelrey #makeitmakesense #🎟️ #concertvenues #concerttickets #concerttips #pricegouging #greenscreen

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And here’s how people responded.

This TikTokker said they never had a chance to get tickets.

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

Another individual couldn’t catch a break.

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

And this person who’s been a fan of hers for a long time said it’s never been like this before…

Source: TikTok/@mordecainuccio

It really does suck that fans have to go through this nonsense.