September 27, 2023 at 8:35 am

‘My father got charged for a pregnancy test.’ A Man Accused A Hospital of Scamming Him After His Bill Went from $4,000 to $950 After He Asked For A Receipt

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

If you learn one lesson from the video you’re about to see, it’s that you should always carefully look over a hospital bill after you’ve been treated…because you never know what kind of charges might be on there.

A man named Tre’Jon simply asked for an itemized receipt after a hospital stay and he ended up getting a 76% discount.

His bill was originally $4,000 and it went down to $950 after he requested the receipt.

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

Tre’Jon said, “Tell me why my hospital bill went from $4,000 to $950 all because I asked them for a receipt and list of everything I was being charged for. They lowered my bill by 76%. Is it me or our healthcare system is a scam.”

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

He said that the hospital staff “walked back” the amount he owed after he asked them to break down the costs for the care he received.

The caption to his video reads, “Ain’t that some ish.”

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

Check out his video.


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Here’s what people had to say.

One viewer had a bad experience like this, as well.

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

Another person made a joke that is somewhat accurate…

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

And this TikTokker said his DAD was charged for a PREGNANCY TEST!

Source: TikTok/@oh_thats_just_trey

Yeah, the healthcare situation in this country is so messed up.